How it works

GeoToll’s core technology is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipped smartphones that have the capacity to interface with a wide variety of electronic toll collection systems in order to pay tolls. GeoToll’s mobile technology can solve the task of achieving interoperability between divergent tolling protocols that currently exist across state and local toll agencies in the US. The GeoToll front-end hardware is supported by a smartphone “app” that in turn is supported by a back‐office system that permits optional outsourcing of customer service and account maintenance to GeoToll.

The product

GeoToll has developed tags that can read multiple protocols while transmitting toll transaction information to its back office system (BOS) as well as the BOS of the toll agency. The current protocols that are loaded are open but the technology allows for vendors to partner with GeoToll to incorporate their licensed protocols as well. RFID devices are able to process 60 times each second. In more than 90% of these systems, the RFID attempts to identify the vehicle first and then the toll‐by‐plate system takes a picture of the license plate if that fails. GeoToll is designed to address both of the current capture methods. GeoToll guarantees payment of all toll transactions because 100% accuracy is a huge concern for toll operators.

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