GeoToll has assembled a management and technical staff with decades of experience in product innovation & development, wireless telecommunications, electronic toll collection and payments systems, and back office systems and operations. Below are the key personnel:

Richard K. Carrier, Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. Carrier has made a long career in private company formation working with the public sector. Richard is Founder and ex-President of Law Enforcement Systems, Inc., a leading provider of delinquent account collection and information services to tolling and parking violations agencies in the US and Canada. His strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills enabled LES to forge strategic partnerships with major tolling industry integrators so that LES’ collection and DMV services were included in most bid proposals for Customer Service and Violation Processing Center operations. He began his professional career at NCR Corporation where he was responsible for marketing computer systems to local and state governments. In 1999, Richard’s entrepreneurial acumen created DMVRegInfo, a vehicle registered owner retrieval service offered to tolling and parking agencies to identify out-of-state motorists/violators in order to initiate billing and revenue recovery. Today, DMVRegInfo is recognized as the gold standard for out-of-state vehicle retrieval serving over 200 municipal agencies including 13 US tolling agencies and the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. Richard is a longtime member of IBTTA and the International Parking Institute. Richard holds an MBA from Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration, New York City.
Jaime Borras, Chief Technology Officer.
Mr. Borras is a pioneer and innovator in the wireless telecommunications industry and comes to GeoToll with 30 years of comprehensive experience in research and development, business and intellectual property. He played leading roles at Wireless Silicon Group, Inc. and Mobile Technology Consortium and is highly regarded for inventing and implementing new technologies and breakthrough products that drive emerging markets. Jaime served as a Motorola Senior Fellow, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of iDEN Mobile Devices. His major accomplishments included: integrated circuit designs for the first generation cellular phone; technical development and commercialization of the first multi-billion dollar Push-To-Talk multifunction iDEN phone; and developing the 4th generation smartphone with multiple radio protocols (WiMAX, Wi-Fi, CDMA, Bluetooth and GPS) with special focus on multimedia, entertainment and social networking applications. Jaime is a chief innovator with 44 United States utility patents and over 50 publications. His many honors include three “Patent of the Year” awards for the iDEN Technology; the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award; and selection as one of the top 50 Most Important Hispanics in Business and Technology. Jaime holds three degrees from Florida Atlantic University: dual bachelor’s degrees in physics and electrical engineering and a Masters in EE; as well as a business diploma from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. A strong advocate of community outreach to young people, Jaime has been active in programs such as Viva Technology, which advances science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) awareness among students.


Wyatt Geist, Chairman, Founder & Key Advisor, Business & Strategic Development.
Mr. Geist is an accomplished executive with a successful track record for bringing disruptive products to market. As the Chairman of GeoToll, Wyatt brings expertise in developing strategy and building partnerships, as well as an impressive track record as an inventor of new technologies. He has submitted over 25 patents and has over 11 patents granted. In September of 2012 a product and company he launched won new product of the year for Y-Wire from “Orthopedics This Week”. He has a strong background in building companies; launching three start-ups and two Distributorships. SafeWire is a medical instrument company that he currently serves as CEO and Founder. MagRod, LLC and a separate device company have been acquired and licensed accordingly. Both distributorships were very successful earning “Distributorship of the Year” awards and achieving the largest business unit for each respective company. Wyatt brings passion and leadership to help the GeoToll board realize their potential.
Timothy J. McGuckin, Key Advisor, Tolling Industry.
Mr. McGuckin is a 20-year veteran of the transportation policy and technology community and has founded associations and spear-headed program initiatives that advance the state of the practice of transporation technology and payment systems. He champions innovative technology in the hands of forward thinking organizations and people as a key to true mobility. Tim comes to GeoToll from the OmniAir Consortium and OmniAir Certification Services, two unique public-private technology organizations he founded to address in-vehicle and roadside technologies that enable interoperable safety and mobility applications. With experience in telematics, intelligent transportation systems, wireless communications, program development and management, and connected vehicle policy and technology, Tim served the automotive OEM, Tier-1 supplier and RFID sectors at the private, federal and state DOT levels in the provision of interoperability testing and certification services. Parallel to this, Tim was OmniAir’s chief liaison to the tolling community as it continues today to seek national interoperability between electronic toll collection systems. Before OmniAir, Tim worked for the International Bridge Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA) as its first Director of Technology Programs where he led IBTTA’s Technology Committee and Next Generation Electronic Toll Collection Task Force. Prior to IBTTA Tim worked at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America on technologies and policies that improved the safety, mobility and reliability of transportation networks. He began his career at American Trucking Associations where he developed policy and advocated for federal freight programs to expedite technology deployment. Tim earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Affairs & Planning and a Masters of Urban Affairs, Planning and Development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech) while serving 6 years in the Virginia National Guard.
Jon Ramirez, Key Advisor, Payment Services.
Mr. Ramirez is an expert, hands-on manager and marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in Open Road Tolling (ORT), direct working knowledge of national toll protocols, and has eight years of practical know-how deploying High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane projects. He has served as the project director for numerous, complex toll system projects in the US including the Capital Beltway I-495 HOT Lanes in Washington, D.C., and Orange County Transportation Authority’s 91 Express Lanes. Jon has overseen operations for large, complex electronic tolling systems at major roadways across the United States and excels at developing operations concepts, system designs and specifications as a certified Program Manager and 6 Sigma Specialist. As Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and New Project Implementation for Federal Signal Technologies Group, Jon developed over $200M in projects backlog in less than two years. Prior to that, he ran operations at the 91 Express Lanes, the pioneering and successful pike-within-a-freeway. Jon served as Deputy Director of Operations at the Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies. At Cofiroute, he managed the implementation of the dynamically priced express lanes system on MN/I-394, the congested radial roadway west out of the Minneapolis area. While at Raytheon HTMS, Jon was involved in the VA/I-495 Express Lanes development. Jon holds bachelors and masters degrees in management, finance and marketing from California State University, Long Beach and is a longtime member of IBTTA and frequent speaker on tolling technology systems integration and innovative solutions.