The answers given to these questions are offered as simple responses to a technology which can become tedious when explaining it, particularly at the deep technical levels. Please take this information as it was meant: a basic explanation and clarification, and not a detailed or exact description.

What is GeoToll?
GeoToll is a new company in the tolling community offering a payment ’app’ and RFID tag residing on a user’s smartphone, allowing them to travel on any electronic toll facility that is a GeoToll partner without cash or a particular toll agency tag. It works with the reliability, accuracy and security of a traditional transponder, but adds a feature-rich, customizable GeoToll app, and enables regional and national interoperability.
What is RFID?
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data to automatically identify and track tagged-devices as they pass a reader. RFID is the primary technology the US toll industry uses for electronic toll collection. GeoToll uses RFID on a smart-phone, in the same way. The tag contains electronically stored information which is read by the toll agency’s reader, but unlike a bar code, the tag does not need to be within line of sight of the reader and may be embedded in the tracked object (such as a smartphone).
What can I do with a GeoToll-equipped phone?
You can pay a toll or fee at any toll or priced facility that participates in the GeoToll service.
What kind of phone do I need to use it?
You need a smartphone, a type of mobile phone with an operating system allowing more advanced computing capability, including downloading apps like the GeoToll app. The mobile operating system must be Google’s Android which account for the majority of all smartphone devices sold today.
Where do I have to place the phone in the car?
Generally, the phone should be in the front passenger area of the vehicle. It should not, for example, be in the trunk or buried deep in the glove-box or in a metal container of any sort.
Will my GeoToll-equipped phone interfere with other wireless devices in the vehicle, or with other toll tags?
Just as smartphones do not interfere with electronic tolling systems today, neither will a GeoToll-equipped phone. If you have an existing toll tag in the vehicle with a GeoToll-enabled phone, the system detects the proper device and account to charge through a back-office reconciliation process similar to how toll roads work in congested open-road tolling environments with lots of cars very close to each other.
How accurate is GeoToll compared to a traditional toll tag?
The GeoToll-equipped phone is an RFID device simply in another form factor, and therefore the accuracy would be that of a traditional RFID toll tag. For some protocols however, GeoToll-equipped smartphone performance is expected to exceed that of a typical toll tag. GeoToll will publish its accuracy results to the tolling industry.
Do I know if and when I am charged, or charged properly (to my GeoToll account) by the toll operator?
Unlike toll tags today, you can program your GeoToll app to notify you: 1) when you are approaching a toll point; 2) when the toll was paid; and 3) how much you paid. You can also configure the app to email you this information, broken down into work or personal trips that in turn can be turned into expense reports allowing the input of other items
What happens if I leave my phone off?
Leaving the phone off will deactivate the app feature that ’wakes up’ the tag prior to the toll point. Just as if you used a toll road with no tag, the tag will not be read. However, every ’gate-less’ or ’open road’ toll facility today employs cameras to photograph the license plate for enforcement purposes. If you are a GeoToll account holder, you will provide your license plate (or plates) to GeoToll. The plate number that was photographed would be referenced against to a database of ’valid’ GeoToll accounts and you would be charged accordingly - but with a nice reminder to please keep your phone charged and on when driving on toll roads!
Am I a customer of the toll facility or GeoToll?
By virtue of driving on a toll facility, you are a customer of that facility operator. By using GeoToll to pay for tolls, you are a customer of ours.
Can a toll agency manage the GeoToll account?
Yes, the standard service provided by GeoToll is to have us manage the customers who use GeoToll. As an option, toll agencies can use the GeoToll Back Office System (BOS) to manage GeoToll accounts. There are hybrid arrangements as well that GeoToll is happy to discuss in order to meet the business objectives of the tolling agency and its customers.
How are all GeoToll transactions guaranteed?
Account reconciliation and auditing processes are established between GeoToll and the host toll facilities to ensure a 1:1 accounting. In short, if a GeoToll-enabled smartphone traversed the toll-point, then GeoToll remits the proper payment. There are no credit card expiration dates to deal with, or a need to interact with DMV databases to obtain the registered owner, which often results in the wrong motorist being billed. GeoToll-guaranteed transactions will likely be the least costly transactions a toll operator has taken together.
How do I learn more about GeoToll and its potential use on my tollroad?
Please see the “Contact Us” section of this website to direct your question(s) to the proper place.
Cost to use GeoToll
To the GeoToll toll road user, the only cost is a nominal fee to download the app. The toll paid via your GeoToll-enabled phone does not change: the toll facility operator determines it. To the toll operator, the cost to use GeoToll would be the marginal costs associated with accepting what is in essence a group account issuer (GeoToll). After that, the costs could become savings in terms of account management and tag management fees that could be offloaded to GeoToll.