“Making your commute easier, wherever you travel“
  • RFID & GPS Mobile Payment Solution
  • Guaranteed Payment of all GeoToll Transactions
  • Dynamic ID for Use on All Toll Roads
  • Fail-Safe Tolling™ for Lane Diagnostics
  • HOV Declaration and Verification
  • Multi-Protocol Smartphone Transponder Roadmap

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Available July 2018

Available July 2018

How does it work?

Turn your mobile smartphone into a complete solution for tolling!

  • Establish an account for multiple vehicles - personal and/or business
  • Easily establish an account for your rental vehicle
  • Pay your tolls automatically
  • Create expense reports
  • View and print your transactions

Our mission

  • GeoToll's mission is to provide toll operators, their customers and integrators with an innovative and robust mobile phone-based toll payment technology that encourages people to want it, adopt it, and in the process, solve the interoperability issues that challenge the tolling industry today.
  • GeoToll's vision is a Universal, Ubiquitous, and User-driven interoperable transportation payment solution.

GeoToll technology

  • GeoToll's patented Dynamic ID™ technology combines RFID and GPS to enable downloading to the smartphone, the corresponding toll agency and transponder identification, as assigned. Payment for all GeoToll transactions is guaranteed. Each transaction is a "Home" transaction, eliminating reconciliation of toll fees between agencies. GeoToll is a true interoperable mobile payment solution.
  • Fail-Safe Tolling™, the combination of RFID and GPS, enables GeoToll equipped smartphones to identify when the toll transaction is not read by the agency's lane equipment. In pilot tests, Fail-Safe Tolling™ identified 5% of transactions which were not read. Communicating this information in real-time permits toll agency personnel to be deployed for corrective diagnostic and repair action.